I’m a woman who loves the hustle, is obsessed with planning and stays up way too late!

Recently, probably since I became a mom, I have learned that living in the moment and learning the value of inner calm is sometimes the way to true happiness.

I’m a mom to the happiest, but sassiest little 4 year old Josey, our newest little peanut Alley, and wife to my high school sweetheart Drew. He has the biggest heart, the best laugh, and is my favorite person to be around.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,

with the most amazing role models as parents. Their marriage and commitment to one another is like nothing I have ever seen. I have two younger siblings whom I love dearly. I have a HUGE extended family (my dad is one of 12 siblings, my mom is one of 4, with over 20 cousins!).

So that made for a pretty big wedding.

I went to Catholic grade school, a fairly large high school, and then found myself at Penn State
University. I hated it my first year, but then I met an amazing group of girlfriends whose friendships
made me love college and life in Happy Valley.

I totally geeked out as the Editor-in-Chief of the Penn State Yearbook.

With what remained of my spare time (after partying and studying), I worked as a waitress at the Gingerbread Man…a bar/restaurant that used to be a Happy Valley staple.

I majored in advertising and public relations, so at least I had some clue and direction at 18 years old! I failed a class in college, which forced me to take another class, and it was THAT class where my professor introduced me to my first boss and mentor.

She interviewed me, hired me and asked me to move to New York…the next week.

New York City – concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

It was my next step in growing up, growing my career, and growing as a person.

My first job was as a marketing sales assistant at luxury publishing hub that was called Niche Media. It was here where I met lifelong friends, partied in the Hamptons were and learned how to  pronounce “Hermès.”

Then I met Bethenny,

which was also life changing. I never went to graduate school, but I feel like I got my MBA in real-world business working for her. It was grueling, crazy, rewarding, exciting—oh wait—some of you watched me do it!

But in all seriousness…what I learned from Bethenny as an entrepreneur, business woman and mentor could never be matched by any degree. And yes, I still talk to her. She is a mentor and friend—that just doesn’t go away.

Most of you probably know the rest of the story…

In 2012, I moved back to Pittsburgh. Got a job. Got engaged. Got married. Got pregnant. Had a baby. Which is obviously the easiest moment to decide, “Oh! Now is a good time to start my own company!”

But all joking aside, what I’m doing now, helping people make their business a reality, is MY ULTIMATE DREAM and MY ULTIMATE PASSION.

So many mentors have pushed me in this direction, and so many jobs have prepared me for this.