My Journey: The Healthy Living Program that WORKED for me.


As of last year, I had tried and educated myself on almost every cleanse, protien shake, diet/fad or healthy products out in the world. I became interested in health obviously when I was in NYC and always wanted to be on the cutting edge of NEW & CLEAN products. I loved cooking and always wanted to look and feel my best. But as we all know….that isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Most of the time these diets and supplements don’t focus on WOMEN and how we need to keep our hormones balanced, and that was frustrating for me. I felt unbalanced and in serious need of a reset for myself AND my hormones.

Enter ARBONNE in October 2018. It happened at the perfect time in my life. A time I needed plan to get my health and wellness back on track. I knew my hormones were out of whack – despite what the doctors told me. I did my first 30 Day and was hooked. I eliminated alcohol, coffee, gluten, soy, dairy and other allergens. I had done this many times in my life — but this time is was different because I had products that I TRUSTED to fall back on. I didn’t have to cook EVERY SINGLE MEAL!

I felt balanced and entergetic. I had finally found a protein powder that wasn’t full of crap. I really did love the products and I started telling everyone about it. Even though I was heading into the holiday season I kept up an 80/20 lifestyle. I didn’t deprive myself; instead I focused on how good I felt.

Then with a little push, I realized something…my entire career has been about marketing, advertising and public relations for PRODUCTS! Some of those products I believed in 100%, some of them it was just part of the job, and some I didn’t even use myself. SO WHY IN THE WORLD, when I found these pure, safe and beneficial products why wouldn’t I TELL EVERYONE about them and make sharing them a part of my business?

So I did.

In April 2018 I became an Arbonne consultant (at 4 months pregnant). I got my aunts, cousin and sister-in-law on board. They did a 30 Day and had amazing results. I LOVED sharing the products and lifestyle with them. I had always preached clean eating/living to everyone — but finally I had the products that could help them. 

All products are vegan, soy/gluten/dairy free with no fillers or mineral oil or artificial colors or sweeteners! Oh – and they also have skincare and makeup products and follow the same standards (some of my faves here). It is possible to be live clean – inside and out!

Interested in a 30 Day? Interseted in learning more about the over 400+ products that follow European standards? I would LOVE to talk!

Take a look at the program documents below, drop me an email ( or set up a phone call to learn about the program by clicking the WHITE button below!