Let me get you on a path that stays focused and true to your brand.


My job is to help you discover your brand and what you need to do to move it forward. You already know what you stand for, but you need me to help you discover your goals and give you the tools to do this. You are the expert.

“Coordinate Your Chaos” Individual Brand Sessions

You know your brand best. You are the expert. You have built your business. My job is to guide you and help you make the right decisions that push you – into the right space – media, social, client, brands, events – or wherever it might be. Let me help you “organize & coordinate all the chaos”

Brand Coaching Package 

Just like you have to work out on a regular basis, your “brand/business” needs regular workouts too! This package is for brands and/or influencers (personalities) that want to build their business more intensively with me with multiple sessions. 

Influencer Brand Management

Let me get involved in your business. Long-term growth and organization is our goal. Ability for me to represent you and help “manage” your inbox, and get involved in correspondence with brands and media. We can determine how you will work with the media and collaborate with brands.

The Influencer Brand Management is Currently Full

Custom Marketing & Brand Consulting

Don’t see something here that fits what you need? Need something LONG term or Project based? Let’s chat. Please email me with subject title ‘Custom Marketing Project’)